Message From the President-Elect

Looking toward the future is a complicated thing. If something can go wrong, it probably will. Planning every detail will never be a substitute for the qualities of flexibility, improvisation, or quick thinking. These qualities are essential to practicing dentistry. That being said, I feel confident insaying that 2019 will be IU ASDA’s strongest year yet.

I first became involved in ASDA as a predental student by attending the 2014 National Leadership Conference. It was at this time that my passion for advocating on behalf of this great profession ignited. Dental students will always be best represented by dental students. I believe they are also the strongest advocates for bettering the lives and education of dental students. My passion and loyalty runs very deep for my fellow DDS students and I will never hesitate to speak up on their behalf.

Elliot Humiston - President-Elect

In the coming year, I hope to take the IU ASDA chapter to further heights. My first goal will be toincrease involvement and the value of membership. First, we’ll be opening up committee positions onthe Executive Council to each and every member who is hoping to become involved. I hope to improve communication between students, faculty, and administration through social media, events, and open discussions. During my tenure as president, I hope to strengthen relationships between other school organizations. I plan to utilize the vast resources we possess to create new and relevant activities and initiatives that will benefit all students - even those who may not necessarily beinterested in ASDA. In this way, I hope to bring new value to our students’ ASDA memberships.

The profession of dentistry is at a pivotal and revolutionary transition period. My family has been practicing dentistry in the Midwest for over a century, spanning 4 generations. The way we will practice dentistry will not resemble the way my father practiced any more than his way will resemble the way in which my grandfather practiced. Our debt is higher, collections are lower, branding can define success, single-dentist practices are declining, and new career paths are opening up in dentistry. Therefore, my second goal over the next year will be to increase the availability of discounted or free CE programs to our students. Specifically, we hope to bring in hands-on exposure to new technologies, education on finance, education on legislative issues, and more exposure to various companies with which we will interact one day.

My decision to attend IUSD remains one of the best decisions I ever made. I am so grateful to be with an amazing group of classmates, at a school that is constantly trying to become better than the year before. My final and ultimate goal will be for 2019 to be the best year IU ASDA has ever experienced, and to attain national recognition as the ASDA Ideal Chapter. ASDA has given me many opportunities to represent IUSD students. My hope is to continue to represent IUSD admirably at the state, national, and - most importantly - university levels.

Thank you, Elliot Humiston

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