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Welcome back, IUSD!

My name is Vicki Shah and I’m a current D3 student! I’ll be one of your ASDA blogger and I can’t wait to share some new ideas, events, thoughts and recipes with you all. As this 2019 year starts up, I wanted to show you some phone apps that I have come across which may be helpful to you. The first two years of dental school are heavy on didactic learning. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you along:


D1 Year:

Dental – Bone Box (free)

Click here for a link to Bone Box in the App Store!

In this app, you can view each tooth in 3D with incredibly detailed anatomical models. Interactive quizzing features are available which is a great way to start getting familiar with what the rest of your life will consist of! It’ll be helpful as you start to look forward to taking boards and remembering tooth morphology in 2019.

D2 Year:

NBDE prep apps - Dental Boards Mastery ($)

Click here for a link to Dental Boards Mastery in the App Store!

D2 year will be filled with classes and lab work which will require you to be proficient at time management. There are a lot of moving parts this year, so stay on top of your schedule and enjoy the time off that you do have. Take breaks and remember to enjoy the ride! After Fall semester you will be gearing up to take your NBDE Part I exam. I would highly recommend downloading the Mastery app and try to get through those questions! You can track you progress on each topic and you can see which topics you need to work on.

D3 Year:

Dental Drugs (free)

Click here for a link to Dental Drugs in the App Store!

This app is specifically made for dentists and consists of the most commonly used medicines in dentistry! It provides quick refreshers on dosages, analgesics, antifungals and more! You can also calculate the maximum dosage of local anesthetic based on weight. There are lots of other tips throughout the app as well!

D4 Year:

Dentaltown and CamCard (free)

Click here for a link to Dentaltown Website!

Click here for a link to CamCard Website!

You’re going to start collecting business cards and go to more networking events. You’re ready to start learning about the business side of a dental office! The dentaltown app is easy access to message boards where you can respond to and post new topics, read industry news, listen to podcasts and read content from their magazine!

CamCard is an app that allows you to scan all of the business cards you get using your phone’s camera. It will store them and have all the contact information in one place!


Each of these apps can be helpful in different aspects of our training! However, many of them will also be useful in practice. Give them a try and comment below if you have a dental app that you like which isn’t listed!

-Vicki, Class of 2020

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