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Meet the Officers
Vanessa Dawson

Hi I’m a 3rd year student from Scottsdale, Arizona and I’m honored to be the 2016-2017 IU ASDA President. This year, my primary goal is to increase student participation and engagement. My plan is to actively and transparently lead IU ASDA through quality programs, meaningful service projects, and beneficial wellness initiatives. I’m excited for a great year with an amazing executive board!

Lena Mercho

My name is Lena Mercho. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and I’m currently a second year dental student in the 2019 graduating class at IUSD. As president elect my responsibilities include learning from and working with our ASDA president to ensure all members get involved and have fun while doing so. This year I’m excited to learn from not only our ASDA chapter president, but from many other chapter leaders around the country!

Beverly Cunningham Secretary
Nabeel Atassi Treasurer
Josh Blane Social Media Chair
Logan Wheeler Fundraising Chair
Katelyn Brauer Community Service Chair
Brittany Woschitz Wellness Chair
Evangeline Magno Wellness Chair
Matt Raskin Student Activities Chair
Ariel Wong Student Activities Chair
Hailey Wilson Membership Chair
Kirti Chopra Newsletter E-I-C
Nick Kolar Legislative Liaison
Janine Kabir Lunch & Learn Coordinator
Katherine Habbel Lunch & Learn Coordinator
Kim Walag Lunch & Learn Coordinator